The Bumpy Pitch Mystery Pack

My favorite part about going back to school was that my mom would hook me up with some fresh new gear. There were mad sales so it was the perfect time to grab some new clothes. As I got older, the sales stayed the same, but they weren’t always available for adults. The back to school sales were limited to people who actually went to school.

And, that makes complete sense. However, what about the rest of us that want a deal?

With back to school happening around the country as we speak, we decided to bring back the Bumpy Pitch Mystery Pack. This may not be a store wide sale, but it is an incredible deal. The Mystery Pack consists of two of our premium shirts for $25 that we select for you (hence the mystery part). Considering that a regular priced shirt costs $30, you can see this is a good deal.

This also helps us clean up some inventory (kind of like sample sales do) which allows us to bring in new styles and designs. So you get a couple of shirts at a very discounted price, and we make room to bring in new products. That’s a win win and good for everyone.

Head to Bumpy Pitch to pick up your Mystery Pack.

If you already own some Bumpy Pitch shirts and you want to make sure you don’t receive a shirt you already own, just shoot us a note with the shirts you own and we’ll make sure you don’t get the same shirt you already own.