• 1994 USA Stars

1994 USA Stars

$ 30.00

Remember that time in 1994 when the USA hosted one of the most successful World Cups of all time? The US team made it out of the group stage and they did it wearing the infamous "Denim Kit."

That jersey has become a hotly debated kit that stirs more of a reaction from US fans than any other jersey. This jersey was so American. It looked like denim. It had giant stars printed across it and it was worn by a group of guys that helped a generation of Americans fall in love with soccer.

We felt that such a unique jersey needed to be re-imagined as a t-shirt. So we found incredibly soft fabric that had a similar look to that of the "denim" of the original jersey and we printed tonal stars across the front of the t-shirt, just like the OG jersey.

This -t-shirt has gone on to be one of our all time best sellers and most requested shirt.