Brooklyn Wanderers - Charcoal

Brooklyn Wanderers - Charcoal

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Want to own a piece of American soccer history?

The Brooklyn Wanderers date back to the late 1890's. That is vintage at it's finest! No graphic or logo existed for this perfectly named American soccer team. So we created our own to celebrate one of the oldest professional soccer teams in the United States.

While the origins of the Brooklyn Wanderers date back to the early 1890's, the independent club was the starting point for many of the brightest in the New York area before officially joining the American Soccer League (merging the National Association Foot Ball League and the Southern New England Soccer League) in 1892.

The Wanderers would spend nine years in the top flight before folding halfway through the 1931 ASL season, reaching as high as 2nd place in 1928 and 1931.

The graphic is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge which was completed roughly a decade before the Brooklyn Wanderers were born. 

The shirt comes printed on gorgeous 100% vintage cotton.