1978 Lapel Pin


The 1978 Lapel Pin

Growing up in Southern California meant that we didn't get to play on too many rain soaked fields. Which meant that we didn't very often get the chance to wear screw-in cleats. I would see these on TV being worn by pros and wanted so badly to be able to be like them, play in conditions like them and ultimately wear screw-in boots.

But it was never really meant to be as a young kid in Los Angeles. But that didn't stop the love I had for these boots. Maybe they were more exotic because I never really wore them, or maybe it just boiled down to seeing some of my idols wearing them. Whatever the case,I became slightly obsessed with them.

All these years later and we procured a lapel pin that mimics the sole plate of one of the greatest and most iconic soccer cleats of all time. We might not have been able to wear these very often as kids, but with this pin, we can now take a little bit of them with us everywhere we go.

Available now for $12