About Us

Bumpy Pitch is a cultural movement.

We are inspired by soccer and all the moments that it has given us along the way. The people we’ve met. The friends we’ve made. The places we’ve traveled. The games we’ve won and the games we’ve lost. The experiences that have given us memories that will last a lifetime.

These are the same things that influence and guide the look and feel of Bumpy Pitch. Everything that we design is inspired by the sport and the experiences that it’s given us. We believe it is beautiful not just on the field, but off it as well. We strive to show that through the clothes we design, the stories we tell and the product that we create.

We believe in the beautiful game. We believe in the culture and lifestyle that it inspires and we are committed to giving back more to the sport it has given us.

A genuine love for soccer makes Bumpy Pitch more than a product company. We’re fans who have a love for the sport and are passionate about the culture. Soccer is The Beautiful Game and everything we design and create is meant to honor that.

We constantly look globally for inspiration that moves us, but we are proud to produce and manufacture locally. We’re not only based in Los Angeles, we've also made a commitment to keep our manufacturing domestic.