Bumpy Pitch x Port LBC Vintage Soccer Ball


One of my favorite projects that we have worked on over the years was getting to do something special with a rad shop / brand out of Long Beach, CA called Port LBC. Collaborations don't always work out he way you would hope they would. Expectations are always high going in, but the creative process or approach and ultimately the outcome can be vastly different from the original intention. 

But working with Jim over at Port LBC was exactly how it as supposed to go. We are both lovers of the beautiful game and wanted to do something that showed our love of the game and our appreciation of the culture. And most importantly we wanted to do it in a way that paid respect to both of our brands. 

The collection featured a variety of pieces including a hoodie, sweatpants, a canvas bag and socks. But the pinnacle product will always be this ball. The ball itself is the same style as the ball in our BPFC Crest. So that part was already endemic to who we are. Beyond the panel configuration, we also wanted to make sure that the leather was right and that the logos were embossed just so. And at the top of the list, was doing it all in a vintage black leather.

This ball was never really made to be kicked. You certainly can. It was constructed of high quality leather, so it can take playing. But ultimately, we wanted this to be the coming together of performance and culture. A place where the sport meets art. The final product of this will always be one of my favorite pieces we have created and worked on.