Starting 11 - Stylish Soccer Jerseys You Can Wear Anytime

I know, I know. It can be hard wearing any other jersey besides that of the club that you support. But outside of your own club, there are some jerseys that look good enough to wear regardless of if we support the club or not. These jerseys are stylish enough that you don't have to be a fan of the team to wear them. They are pieces that you can make a part of your wardrobe that allows you to look stylish while still representing the sport. Unless these teams are a heated rivalry of your club or country, you should be able to get away with wearing these anytime.

France Home

France is a polarizing country when it comes to certain things, but there is no denying that this jersey is as stylish as they come. The deep navy contrasts so well with the white hits of the France crest, Nike swoosh and polo collar. You can wear this just about anywhere and look incredibly stylish.


France home jersey


Juventus Away 2015-16

Juventus made the move to adidas for the upcoming season and their first campaign together looks to be a very stylish one. It can be a bit difficult to pull off but there is some history to the club wearing pink jerseys. Juventus wore pink jerseys from 1897 (the year they were founded) until 1903. So there is come cool history and heritage in addition to be ing a very stylish jersey.

Juventus away jersey 2015-16

US Women's National Team Home 2015

This jersey caused some controversy when it first launched due to the lack of any red or blue. People asked how this was a representation of the US without the traditional red, white and blue color combo. But I was on the other side of the fence and believed that it was edgy and bold and represented the players on this particular team. Whether or not you wore a fan of this jersey or not, having won the World Cup in this jersey, it will forever go down in American soccer history. Plus, it is super stylish and clean and comes in both a men's and women's cut.

Nike USWNT Home Jersey 2015

West Ham Home 2015-16

For West Ham's home kit for the 2015-16 season, they looked backwards to find inspiration. The jersey takes it's design cues from the very first jersey that was worn at Upton Park back in 1904. This season marks the last season they will play at the Boleyn Ground which is kind of cool. This jersey pays homage to a very important part of the history of the club, and pulls it off in an extremely stylish manner.

West Ham Home kit 2015-16

Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x KTTP

We couldn't make a list of stylish soccer jerseys and not include this all black jersey we did with sneaker boutique BAIT and soccer site KTTP. Even though this isn't the jersey of an actual soccer club, we imagined it as if it was. We started with imagining the team's home jersey as all black. Something tough and rugged that you don't always see in a club's home kit. The team was Bumpy Pitch FC, so we created custom all black patches that were sewn on in the same placement as that of a club crest.

Given that BAIT is both a boutique and a brand, it seemed perfect that they would be the jersey sponsor of the club. So BAIT went across the chest of the jersey, placed in the same place a jersey sponsor would go. But we upped it by making the applique a reflective 3M material so when light hits it you get an entirely different look.

Lastly, KTTP went across the back of the jersey in the same location that the last name of a player would go. We tried hitting all the elements that go into a traditional club jersey, and re-imagined it as the home kt for Bumpy Pitch FC.

Bumpy Pitch x BAIT x Kicks To The PItch Jersey

Eintracht Frankfurt Home 2015-16

The new Eintracht Frankfurt home kit for 2015-16 is all kinds of goodness. The jersey takes inspiration from the history of the club and but executes it in a very clean and modern way. The thin red pinstripes is what really helps set this jersey apart. It keeps it modern and sleek and adds just enough pop of color.

Eintracht Frankfurt Home Jersey 2015-16

Peru Home Jersey

Peru's home jersey has never really changed, and I hope that it never does. It's simple and elegant and instantly recognizable.When it comes to capturing the heritage and respecting history of a team, Umbro does that really well. This jersey is exactly what it needs to be.

Peru Home Jersey

Roma Home Kit 2014

Roma kits are always on point. They are as stylish as the city that the club calls home. The jerseys are without a sponsor on the front, which makes them so much easier to wear in a setting outside of soccer. And this particular version is amazing with the collar. Collars on jerseys make them feel a little more stylish for wear away from the pitch. And Roma and Nike delivered really well on this version.

Roma Home Jersey 2014-15

Everton Away 2014-15

It should be pretty clear by now that we have a thing for black jerseys. They aren't always traditional, which is quite possibly one of the things that we appreciate. Plus they just look tough. Everton's away jersey from the 2014-15 season was black with white branding and crest and it looked stunning. A pop of blue on the inside of the neck collar that ties into the traditional blue that the Toffees wear and you have yourself a great looking jersey.

Everton Away Jersey 2014-15

PSG Third Kit 2014-15

I'm a big fan of third kits. I love the history and tradition of clubs but I also like seeing teams and brands take a chance and flex their creativity. This is usually done with the third kit. Home kit colors don't change. Away kits vary from time to time. But third kits, that's where freedom of expression really comes into play. And the PSG third kit from 2014-15 is a winner. It comes in an eye popping red. The three buttons and the collar give it a distinctive and classy look.

PSG Third Kit 2014-15



Inter Milan Home Jersey 2014-15

I have always appreciated the color combo of Inter Milan. There home jerseys are not only stylish but also iconic. But the home version for 2014-15 has something special about it. I think it has something to do with the thinness of the pinstripes. It gives it a really nice look and the blue pops nicely off of the black. The collar and single button give it a sense of style that looks great off the pitch as well.

Inter Milan Home Jersey 2014-15

I'm sure there are plenty of jerseys that I could have included. There are amazing jerseys from countless leagues and federations. But these are some of my favorite that are sylish soccer jerseys on and off the field.