Kit Obsession - PSG Third Kit 2015

We'll be taking a look each week at one jersey that we are obsessed with. As the design of jerseys evolves and with the ease of tracking down jerseys from all corners of the world, we want to take a look at one jersey each week that we want to feature.

The inaugural jersey that we want to show off is the brand new PSG third kit. This third kit was just unveiled last week and the Paris based club wore it today in their Champions League match. Which they just so happened to win. Coincidence?

It  might not be a coincidence but I'll tell you this much - when you feel good you play better. And wearing these all black kits have to make PSG players feel some kind of way. At the very least they have to feel tough sporting these. And that no doubt translates to the pitch and how players play.

These are so dope in so many ways. Kudos to Nike and PSG.