Boots of the Week - adidas X15 x SoccerCleats101

This weeks boot of the week comes to us via our good friend over at SoccerCleats101 - Bryan Byrne. Bryan is the guy behind SC101 and knows more about soccer boots than pretty much anyone that I know. He has so much knowledge around boots and gives some of the best reviews you will find on the interwebs. If you are not currently following him on social media and checking out SC101 regularly, make sure you start doing that now.

This particular pair of adidas X15 boots is a creation that he came up with via Miadidas. They have sort of a watermelon effect going on and definietey remind me of warm summer days. It's a pretty loud boot design, but when customizing a pair of boots for yourself, go big or go home. No reason to color inside the lines when given the opportunity to venture far outside of them.

The adidas X boot also happens to be a boot that I really like. I was super skeptical when they first were released. Getting rid of the Predators and F50's was a ballsy move and I wasn't so sure about these. But after giving them a chance (you can read my review over at TOW), I grew to like the X15 quite a bit.

This SC101 version is probably just a one of one situation, so there is no chance of getting our paws on a pair. But we can admire Bryan's work from afar.

Head to SoccerCleats101 for a full breakdown of these custom boots.