Week In Soccer

Each and every week we are exposed to a number of items that we want to share with you. Whether it's a new pair of boots, a book or a pub to watch a game at. There are so many great things happening in the world of soccer, especially here in the US, and we want to bring some of that to you. Here are our picks for this week:

Under Armour SpeedForm Carbon Leather FG
This is a beautiful pair of boots from Under Armour. All white with black branding and a neon yellow in-sole. Super clean and also super comfortable. These boots really do feel like an extension of your foot. Under Armour may be new to the soccer game, but these boots are something special.
Das Reboot
Das Reboot is a very good book to read at this moment for any fan of US Soccer. Our men's program has been going through some tough times recently and there is a lot of fans out there not happy with the current direction. Couple that with the new rules that US Soccer has outlined for youth soccer in America and this is a pretty interesting time. There is plenty of opinions out there about what we should be doing as a soccer country to develop better players.
Not that long ago, Germany was going through a particularly bad spell with their on soccer program. Something needed to be done so they had a completely new approach to rebuilding soccer in Germany. In a relatively short period of time Germany is back at the pinnacle of global soccer.
Das Reboot explores what took place in Germany to return the country to the top of the soccer food chain. For any soccer fan that is curious in how Germany did this, Das Reboot is a great read.
Nike Free Hypervenom 2 Purple Gradient
Nike has been doing an incredible job recently of blending the performance side of the sport with culture and lifestyle products. A perfect example of this is what they have done by blending the sole of a Free sneaker with the upper of a Hypervenom boot. They have put out a number of colorway options in this hybrid sneaker recently, but this purple gradient version might be the most visually striking yet. 
The Parlor
We are always on the lookout for a new spot to watch a game. We have been to countless spots in and around Los Angeles. From classic pubs to ethnic restaurants specializing in certain cuisines. But recently we checked out our boy Ajay’s spot, The Parlor, in Hollywood. And it was incredible. They had a seemingly endless array of TV so every single Champions League game that was being played was being shown. The food was on point (try the mushroom pizza) and the staff were great. If you find yourself in and around the Hollywood area on a game day, stop by and watch a game. And say hi to Ajay. Tell him Bumpy Pitch sent you.
AMO Grip Laces
I love when someone takes an often overlooked product and reimagines them new and refreshing. That is what AMO Customs has done with laces. They produce a range of laces for your soccer boots that are equal parts performance and style. Designed to help enhance your touch on the ball as well as reducing any slip that might take place when the ball hits your laces. But they also look damn good,. and can help any player customize the look of their boots.