Bumpy Pitch Football Club Home Crew

When we first started Bumpy Pitch we always had the collective in mind. The soccer community has always been our home and our crew and as things have grown over the years that notion of the community has only deepened.

With that idea of community, we have often talked about what it would look like if the Bumpy Pitch Football Club was in fact, an actual soccer club. What would that look like? What kind of club would we build? Deep questions like what would the ethos of the club and the fanbase be and what would we stand for? And then lighter topics like what would the aesthetics of our club gear look like?

To answer the last question, we have always been partial to a club that has black and grey as their colors. You don't see this color combo for teams too often, but we have been fans for awhile of this combo.

So we created a Bumpy Pitch Football Club pack that we envisioned being core items for fans of the club (also items we want to wear). The items include a t-shirt (how could we not, amIrite?), two scarves (home and away), a long sleeve shirt and the crew neck sweatshirt you see here.

This crew is a pretty heavy cotton sweatshirt with a French terry lining (our favorite lining). It has the Bumpy Pitch crest on the left chest and the full Bumpy Pitch Football Club graphic on the back. This crew will keep you warm on cold nights at the stadium or out at night with friends. Represent the BPFC, stay warm and stylish at the same time.