Boot of the Week - adidas Ace16+ Black

adidas shocked the soccer world recently when they unveiled laceless boots. While this may not officially be the first laceless boot ( we see you Lotto Zhero Gravity), it is certainly the first of it's kind from one of the major boot brands. What adidas has done here is really interesting and will no doubt change the future of soccer boots. I spoke with an adidas boot designer recently and this was made a point. They will design  boots differently at this point because of what this new laceless technology means.

The initial color that was rolled out for the Ace16+ was a solar green. But it is this black version that really looks sharp. It may not be quite as flashy and bold as the solar green, but there are a couple of key details that help this be a great looking colorway, including a chrome finish on the sole plate. 

I'm very curious to see how quickly laceless boots become a more common theme we seen in boot design. It feels to me like one of those design / technological elements that was destined to happen as boot brands look to advance the design and construction of boots.