RSNL, UNTD and POOL Shirts

Growing up in the ’90s here in the United Staes proved some what of a problem for many soccer fans. The Internet was super young and TV coverage was damn near non-existent. I remember there was one TV show on weekly that provided 30 minutes (I think it was just 30) of English soccer. I couldn’t watch this show enough. I would record it every week on the family VHS player ane then watch that week’s episode until I knew every highlight and player. I only had one video tape, so when the next weeks episode would come on, I would just record over the previus week. I did this countless times as there was no end to my desire to watch highlights from England.

One of the things I always remembered were some of the jerseys. Man they had some character back then. Where today we see clubs and brands typically playing it safe when it comes to jerseys designs, back then it seemed that there was a creative freedom that existed that doesn’t today. I loved that. I specifically loved the patterns on some of the jerseys. 


There was the famous or infamous Arsenal away jersey from 1991-93 that I think still has people talking about it. The yellow and blue chevron looking pattern that adorned those away kits will forever be embedded in my mind. When Dunny and I were kids we played against a team called the Alta Loma Arsenal. They were good. The club has developed some great players over the years. We always had some good battles with them. But the thing I remember most about them, is they wore the actual Arsenal kits. There away jersey was this one! It was amazing. It was the first time I played against a team that had both home and away jerseys of a professional club. I was definitely a tad bit jealous of their kits. We had some stock Umbro jerseys while these kids were playing in replica Arsenal kits. I’ll never forget that. 

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Then there was the away kit that Manchester United wore in 1992. This had to be around the time I first saw Ryan Giggs play on (at least on the highlight show). Everything about him blew my mind. Especially how good he was for being so young. I loved watching him play for the remainder of his career. But I will never forget watching him play that season. And I will never forget that away kit that they wore that season. It only lasted for one, but it will always stick out in my mid. We flipped the color of the pattern on this from blue and white to a more traditional red and yellow of for this fill pattern in UNTD. 

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There was a kid on my youth team around this time who’s dad was from Liverpool. He was the only kid that I knew that had a jersey from England. I thought that was the business. I didn’t always see eye to eye with my teammate at the time, but I had respect for his Liverpool jersey that he would break out from time to time. I also always loved the Candy branding that was on the Liverpool jerseys at that time. I thought that was so cool. That and John Barnes. I loved watching that dude play (or at least the highlights of him playing).

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