adidas adilette Slides

There are few soccer items that I have worn more in my life than the adidas adilette slide. Pre-game, post-game, on the way to and from practice. Around the house. Around the pool. This classic adidas sandal has been on my feet for a very large portion of my life. It is hands down the best slide on the market and it hasn't need any updating or changing over the years.

Besides being a great slide to wear before and after any soccer game/practice, it is also a stylish slide that is the perfect go to during the hot summer months. Temperatures reached well into the 100's this week in LA, so being poolside has been a must. And the adidas adilette is the perfect slide to wear when lounging by the pool. 

I'm certain that you have had a pair of these at some point in your life. If you currently don't have a pair, it is definitely time to cop. You need these in your life this summer.