adidas Soccer Reveals Away Jerseys for 2018 World Cup


adidas have unveiled the away kits for each of their sponsored countries for the 2018 World Cup. adidas have some very strong jerseys on offer for this World Cup with both home and away kits. I definitely have a couple of favorites from the three stripes. Below are each of the away kits and some insight into the inspiration for each:

The Argentina away kit will see the team take to the pitch in black for the first time in the AFA’s history. The jersey is a reinterpretation of previous adidas Argentina away jerseys, brought up to date with the inclusion of a bold and progressive graphic inspired by the colors of the nation’s flag.


Belgium’s away kit is a true representation of the country’s flag colors. The bold yellow jersey features subtle horizontal lines alongside red and black accents seen on the collar and the adidas three stripes.


Colombia’s striking blue away jersey features a bold graphic inspired by traditional scarf patterns worn by Colombians for special occasions. It includes bright orange accents in the form of the three stripes, adidas logo and trimming on the collar. A sign-off on the collar with the team’s slogan, “Unidos Por Un Pais” - translating to “United as one Nation” - completes the jersey.


The away kit for the current FIFA World Cup holders Germany is a modern interpretation of the famous green 1990 World Cup away jersey worn in the semi-final vs. England. The graphic on the front takes inspiration from the pattern on the Germany home kit while a new collar execution with a two-fabric component construction incorporates the shirt’s graphic, along with the official "DIE MANNSCHAFT" wording on the back.


The Japan shirt takes inspiration from the nation’s streetwear scene and is the perfect transition from the stadium to the street for fans of the JFA. A modern interpretation of the 1991 home jersey, the kit features a bold graphic and a sign-off on the collar which celebrates important moments of the nation’s soccer history.


The away jersey for Mexico is a simple and sleek design. It takes inspiration from the nation’s flag colors, with a bold red and green stripe running across the chest. A sign-off on the collar features the slogan “Soy Mexico”, translating to “I Am Mexico”.


Host nation Russia’s away kit is a celebration of the country’s street soccer scene and is a combination of two key elements. The white jersey features a unique grey graphic depicting an abstract vision of Russian architecture and pays homage to the architectural landmarks and industrial cities of the country.


The Spain away shirt features a new and unique color combination. The light blue kit includes subtle shades of blue in a graphic inspired by the pattern seen on adidas jerseys of the late 1980’s alongside, sleeve cuffs and three stripes in bright red. The kit features a two-colored crest to complete a fresh new color concept.


The Sweden away jersey is a progressive shirt oozing with style through the rich detailing within the fabric. The jersey features a graphic design with light and dark shades of navy blue, alongside yellow trimmings seen on the collar and adidas three stripes.