adidas Soccer Reveals New Federation Home Kits for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


With the 2018 World Cup on the horizon, we are getting our first looks at what some of the countries will be sporting kits wise. Up first, adidas has released the home kits for their national teams and they are some real winners here in regards to home jerseys. adidas sponsors Germany, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Belgium and the host nation - Russia. Some real heavyweights in the sport in this lineup, and there 2018 home jerseys are all solid. 

adidas Soccer Reveals New Federation Home Kits for 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

As you can see in Germany's home jersey above. According to adidas:

"FIFA World Cup defending champions Germany is a modern interpretation of one of the country’s most famous jerseys worldwide, the iconic 1990 shirt. The new jersey builds on this classic design with an improved and reworked performance silhouette featuring dropped shoulder cut lines. It’s constructed of a two-fabric component collar with the words “Die Mannschaft”, translating to “The Team”, on the reverse of the neck. A gold World Cup winner badge features on the front of the jersey and a special sign-off on the inside of the collar pays homage to the link between the new kit and the kit of the 90s."


"The new Argentina home kit is a celebration of the AFA’s 125-year anniversary. The kit pays tribute to the anniversary by subtly incorporating laurels, a key element of the Argentinian coat of arms and the AFA crest, into the iconic blue and white stripes. The laurels are executed in a modern pixel optic to offer a contemporary look. The jersey features an embossed sign-off combined of laurels and the number 125. There are two gold stars above the badge in celebration of the country’s two FIFA World Cup wins."


The Belgium jersey sees an argyle pattern across the front and their federation badge in the center as opposed to on the left chest.


"A contemporary take on their most iconic home shirt from the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy, the new Colombia jersey features a blue and red graphic design on the side of the kit highlighting the Colombian flag colors while reinterpreting and referencing the design from the 90s. The shirt features a sign-off on the b ack of the neck which reads “UNIDOS POR UN PAIS”, translating to “United as one Nation”.


"The home jersey for Japan takes inspiration from handcrafted Japanese Apparel Design.  The graphic mimics the traditional craftsmanship of Sashiko stitching technique, which is made by white rough threads on indigo dyed base.  The kit features a new shade of blue with hues of red and white in representation of the national flag. A sign-off on the reverse of the neck area celebrates important moments of JFA's soccer history."


"Inspired by designs from the early 1990’s, the Mexico home jersey is the perfect transition from the stadium to the street. The jersey is a base green with a graphic running from the hem towards the chest. The detail to the neck reads “Soy Mexico”, translating to “Soy México”, which completes the visual commitment to Mexico."


"Host nation Russia’s home kit is a modern interpretation of the jersey worn by the Soviet Union during the 1988 Olympic Games, where the team won Gold. The red jersey features solid white lines running from the back across the arms and onto the chest, offering a modern and bold look. A sign-off on the back of the neck features the Russian flag, the Russian eagle and the wording “Вместе К Победе, translating to “Victory-Bound as One”."


"The Spain home shirt pays homage to one of the country’s most famous shirts, the jersey worn at the 1994 World Cup in the United States. It features a dynamic line graphic design consisting of diamonds in red, yellow and blue. The diamonds represent the speed, energy and style of soccer that has become so associated with the national team."

The jerseys are available for purchase starting today (Nov 6, 2017).