AdoptIceland World Cup Campaign


With the US National Team not qualifying for the World Cup, US fans have to look elsewhere for what country they will be supporting this summer. To make the case to support the beautiful country of Iceland, Icelandic beer Einstok has come up with the #ADOPTICELAND campaign. 

"Demonstrating a commitment to the national team, Einstök, Iceland's #1 craft beer company, has introduced a line of commemorative gear and a specially-designed soccer logo for its award-winning Icelandic White Ale with hopes of encouraging U.S. soccer fans (without a national team in the World Cup) to show support for the "underdog" Icelandic team by using the hashtag #ADOPTICELAND on social media."

I like this campaign and I think there are plenty of people that will be supporting Iceland. Especially after what they brought to the Euro's. What's not to like about Iceland?

And.... I have had Einstök beer before and it is delicious. 

If you're interested in supporting Iceland, head to the Einstök store where you can the products in the above image.