Arsenal 2017-18 Home Kit

This is the time of year when brands and clubs announce their new kits for the upcoming season. And these unveilings tend to be flashy and sometimes just a bit too much. But this photo from Arsenal and PUMA - this is kind of perfect.

And I'm not even an Arsenal fan. But they got just about everything right with this and this has to be my favorite jersey unveiling photo I have seen. There are players, fans, a young kid, a lady sipping tea and an old geezer with an incredible beard. It's so much fun and lighthearted and this photo does so much.

If this is any indicator of what Arsenal will be like on the field in the upcoming season, I think Arsenal fans are going to have a lot to look forward to. And lastly, if you are an Arsenal fan, make sure and check out our RSNL shirt inspired by the classic Bruised Banana jersey.