Away Jersey


If you follow our Instagram, you'll have noticed that we share a  lot of photos of soccer locations from all around the world. We tag these photos with "PlayEverywhere" because we fundamentally believe in that idea. We believe that all you need is a soccer ball (and ideally some friends) to play the game. That's one of the beautiful things about the beautiful game. Very little is actually needed to get out and play.

One of our favorite IG accounts is Where Is Football (and some of our favorite people run this account). They too share incredible pitches and soccer locations from around the world. They also share our love for the game and they are doing an incredible job to help share some of the best soccer locations from around the world and grow the sport.

So working together with them on this jersey was a no brainer. A shared love for the sport and a belief that people should be playing the sport anywhere and everywhere that they can is what this jersey and this collaboration is all about.


The jersey itself is a custom version that we had made. It features in a very crisp all white with mesh seams for ventilation. The Where Is Football crest is on the left chest with a black on black Bumpy Pitch woven patch on the left chest. The idea of Play Everywhere which inspired this jersey acts as the "jersey sponsor." 

A lot of love went into this jersey both conceptually and in production and we hope that you share with us in the idea that soccer should be played everywhere.