Bumpy Pitch Eye Chart Shirt


In the very early days of Bumpy Pitch, we had a lot of pushback on what we were trying to do. There wasn't any brands out there that were focused solely on the culture and lifestyle segments of soccer. As popular as the lifestyle side of the sport is now, it was massively different not too many years ago.

Our eye chart shirt felt like we were making a statement. A statement that expressed what we were about and what our mindset was (and still is). We have always been about the culture and the lifestyle. And in this early shirt, we literally spell that out:

Bumpy Pitch Is More Than  A Lifestyle Its a Movement. We believed that then and we believe that today. It's been amazing to see the lifestyle side of the sport become a big part of the conversation when people talk about soccer. This topic still drives what we do and we have a long ways to go in growing the sport. But this early shirt helped us identify and express our message.

This shirt is available once again in limited numbers. If you love soccer and you live the culture and embody the lifestyle - this shirt is for you!