Chattanooga FC 2018 Jerseys


There is a lot to be said about what is going on in lower division leagues around the US right now. There is a ton of excitement and interest, very impressive crowds and a sense of building something special in ways that speak to the community in which the teams represent. 

With that said, there are also some really great kits that are seen at a variety of levels outside of MLS. And I would argue that many of these teams have much more interesting jerseys than what we often see at the highest levels. 

One example of this is the jerseys on offer from Chattanooga FC

The first design element that strikes me about these jerseys is the cohesiveness of the colors. Navy, sky blue and white are the only colors on hand in both the home and away versions (the keeper jersey features in a beautifully contrasting pink colorway). And while this may sound like the colors lack in variety, I would argue that it is exactly this that makes the look so interesting. Even the jersey sponsor here, which is VW, aligns with the overall colorways and does not stand out aggressively which is not so often the case. 

According to the Chattanooga FC website:

“We typically try to do something different during our even year seasons,” said Paul Rustand, Chattanooga FCBrand Director and board member. “We wanted to honor our heritage, but at the same time give the team and our supporters something new and exciting.”

The home jersey, which also serves as the 2018 season pass for supporters, utilizes the traditional navy blue with sky blue accents on the collar and sleeve. The home kit also blends a version of the CFC logo into the jersey design itself, which creates a beautiful kit worthy of the Scenic City’s club,

The away and goalkeeper kits also breathe fresh life into CFC traditional looks. The away jersey brings back the traditional white, with sky blue accents and shorts, while the keeper kits resurrect the very popular pink kit worn just s few years ago with navy shorts. Both jerseys feature design elements that seamlessly bring all three kits together and celebrate the team’s past, present, and future.

It's also refreshing to see clubs in leagues outside MLS have sponsorship deals with other sporting goods brands. Diadora is the kit partner for Chattanooga FC and they offer a fresh perspective and an alternative look to what we often see from professionals teams in the US. And this is a good thing. Not only does it provide fresh ideas on what jerseys can look like, but it also helps give clubs their own unique identity.

Chattanooga FC jerseys are on sale now and can be purchased at their online store.