Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA 19 Cover


The cover for FIFA 19 has been released and it's no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to be on the star. With Ronaldo having joined Juventus recently, he has now appeared on the FIFA cover while playing for three different teams (Manchester United and Real Madrid). Ronaldo is already bringing a ton of interest and awareness to his new club.

It was reported that in the first 24 hours after his signing, 520,000 jerseys were sold and that the social media pages for Juventus have grown since he signed. The Ronaldo effect is strong here and will most likely only grow during the course of the season.

Let's get back to those jersey sales real quick. It's reported that the jerseys cost €105 per piece. So that's about €55 million in sales in one day. That's some real star power right there.