Put A Pin On It


When I was a young kid playing club soccer, we had a currency that we traded in. It wasn't money or social capital or anything like that. It was club pins.

Every club that we played against had their own pin for their club. And we collected these voraciously. Play a new team, try and trade for a new pin. And it wasn't always trade your own clubs pin for that of the pin from your opponent. 

Different pins held different values. And there were some pins that were at the top of the list for a young collector like myself. Cisco Bandidos was a dope ass pin. Upland Celtic was coveted. La Jolla Nomads held some weight. The list goes on.

To get the right pins required strategy. Sometimes you had to trade two or three basic pins to get one that you really wanted. We carried these pins on towels in our soccer bags and broke them out in between games at tournaments. We would lay out our collection and compare and contrast to the collections of kids from other teams. And the teams that were based in different states than California, we always wanted their pins because we only played against them a select few times. 

Soccer inspired pins still hold weight for us. They were a part of our experience as youth soccer players and I still find myself drawn to them. 

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