Nigeria World Cup 2018 Collection


Nike has just unveiled the on and off pitch pieces that make up the Naija Collection for Nigeria and World Cup 2018. And they absolutely hit this out of the park. The tournament is still a few months away, but Nike and this Nigeria collection has already won the style component of the tournament.

 According to Nike:

The word Naija has many uses. As a descriptor, it defines a certain future-focused optimism — one that has catalyzed a new generation of Nigerians to celebrate the nation’s vibrant culture. Use of the word requires attitude, even panache. It isn’t simply a stand-in for Nigeria; instead, Naija reflects a youthful exuberance, pride and fresh perspective on patriotism. To some, Naija translates directly to “the new Nigeria.” With boundless potential and an undoubtedly infectious palpable charisma, the squad begs fandom from anyone — interest in football notwithstanding.


The simplicity of the away kit on the left and the pattern and personality of the home kit on the right compliment each other perfectly. 

The star of the collection though might just be the travel suit (which can be seen in the top image). Featuring a tonal green floral print, it seems to grab the essence and vibe of what the overall collection is about. 

Shouts to Nike, Nigeria and everyone involved in putting this together!