Nike CR7 Diamond Boots


Nike has unveiled their latest CR7 Mercurial Vapor boot and it is apparently inspired by diamonds and is being called "Brilliance." There is no doubt that Cristiano Ronaldo is an incredible player - just look at his stats. The dude wins trophies, scores goals and is going to go down as one of the best to ever do it. 

According to Nike:

The boots feature a diamond-inspired graphic on a white base that sparkles under the lights. The upper includes multi-color knit details that mimic the multitude of colors that diamonds refract. On the medial side of the boot, a textured CR7 logo provides a tactile representation of the diamond graphic, while the heel counter provides a top-down view of a brilliant-cut diamond accompanied by the date of Ronaldo’s Madrid debut. The high heel reads “El Sueño Del Niño” (the dream of the child) as these were the words Ronaldo shared with Nike’s design team to describe how he felt about joining his new team.

“The details of the white boots — the color, the diamonds — they are beautiful; they are cool,” says Ronaldo. “I am sure, 100 percent, people are gonna like it.”

This particular pair of boots might be the most apropos pair of boots that have been designed in honor of Ronaldo. 

These will be available September 29th.