Predator v Predator Film With Dele All and Kaka

adidas Soccer has just released a new short film that features Dele All and Kaka speaking on a range of issues, all set against the new Predator boot release. I dig pretty much everything about this video, but what I really appreciate is them talking about their roots in street soccer and how important it was to them. Alli even talks about how when he starts to overthink things that it negatively impacts his performance. And that ties back into street soccer and just having fun with friends and playing the game for what it is. Too often this is forgotten or not talked about enough and it is a topic we're passionate about and that we hope starts to become more of a focal point here in the United States. 

When a legend like Kaka and an up and coming star in Dele Alli can both reference the importance of street soccer in their own careers, it should be more obvious just how important this is. 

Even though this video is celebrating the new Predator, I think it touches on topics that go much deeper and speak to a side of the sport that should be more central to the ongoing conversation of how do we develop better players.