PUMA One Boots

For the past number of years, the trend in soccer cleats has been to design and manufacture boots that were specific and tailored to specific styles of players. Speed boots for players that used their pace, control boots for midfielders who dictated the tempo of the game, power boots for hard charging players. This has been the norm for a number of years now.

With the release of the PUMA One boots, PUMA is looking to change that. According to them:

Today’s players are not good at one thing. They are good at a lot of things. With that in mind we set out to design something that would deliver the needs of all players into one boot. To begin with we consulted Antoine Griezmann, youth academy players and football obsessed teens. What was abundantly clear was that they wanted a boot that had a great FIT, that helped them to move FAST and gave them more FEEL on the ball.

To complete the process Thierry Henry was brought on board and played a major role in ensuring we catered to every type of player. Thanks to these insights we can deliver a football boot that excels in FIT, FAST and FEEL. FIT comes from the engineered evoKNIT sock, FAST is provided by our ultra lightweight Pebax outsole, whilst FEEL is enhanced by the super soft leather that adorns the upper.

From the tough tackling defender to the swift footed striker we can now offer a boot that reflects the perfectionist in all of us. The PUMA ONE will be worn on pitch by Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Agüero, Hector Bellerin, from 17th of June and will be available to buy from the 29th of June.

PUMA is definitely taking a different approach from what we have seen in recent years and I'm excited to see what these boots are all about. If they can make a boot that fits the needs of all types of players, they will certainly have the attention of the football world.