Soccer Dreams


We recently had a short essay sent to us from an 11 year old player named Taj. His story focuses in on his own love of soccer and the upcoming Prospect Cup that he and his team will be playing in. It's refreshing to get reminded of the love that our young players have for the game and how much this sport means to them. Taj is clearly an extremely passionate kid who can't wait to get out on the field and prove himself as a player. We can all get caught up with many different facets of the sport, and this essay is a great reminder of what the sport is really about. Take it away, Taj.

As an 11 year old, I've committed myself to the marvelous sport of futbol. My life's goal is to become a professional soccer player, and be the next Pulisic. In a month it is my chance to take a step on the fresh self, with "the best." Waiting anxiously! Hungrier and hungrier. Feeling my mood change from nice to ferocious. Preparing for a battle. Ready to display that I'm a hard working, determined soccer player about to show the world who I am. It will be tough, I will bleed, have dirt on my face and get pushed around. But under no circumstance will I ever stop trying my hardest to win every single play. 

It's week after week, day after day, second after second, pushing farther than my limits can go. Training almost everyday. Battling my teammates, falling and hitting my head. Using all the talent that I have, all my strength and my mentality for a spot on this trip. Only 15 players can go, and there's 25 players on my team, I'm still peeking into the future, over the championship trophy for a spot in the limelight.

It's the kids U12 World Championship! Teams from all around the world will be there - including Real Madrid, Man City, Roma, Chivas, Dortmund, Boca Juniors, Club America, Fluminese FC, and Pachuca. Teams from the United States like New Jersey, Dallas, Orlando, Chicago and obviously the up and coming champions from the LA Galaxy. All these teams fighting for one spot - the U12 World Champions.

There's 16 teams but only one champion. If you're playing against my team in the Prospects Cup, you should have butterflies in your stomach. Be very apprehensive because me teams bringing the heat. On December 18, 2017, the day that this event begins, I'll see all those teams on the pitch.