Soccer Style The Magic and The Madness


It's well known for anybody that comes to this site that the intersection of soccer, fashion and culture is pretty much the world that we live in. So when a new book showed up that was all about the intersection of soccer and style throughout the years, it had my attention immediately.

Soccer Style The Magic and Madness is written by a guy who embodies both soccer and style - Simon Doonan. Doonan, who is probably best known for his role at Barney's over the years, has helped move the needle with fashion for years. I was super aware of the work that he did for Barney's and his role in the fashion world for years - but I had no idea of his love for soccer and his immense knowledge of the sartorial side of the sport.

Soccer Style The Magic and Madness is an in depth look at how fashion and football have intersected over the years. It explores some of the game's most stylish players, the history of how soccer and fashion have always co-existed and in some ways it's a love letter to Doonan's passions. 

You don't have to be super into fashion to enjoy this book. As much as the book talks about fashion, it is also an incredible talk through soccer history. So if you are more about the sport and less about the sartorial side, you'll still want to check out this book. 

And as someone who works in football and fashion, I'll be enjoying nd referencing this book for years. Well done, Simon.

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