The Original adidas Predator


The adidas Predator boot range is one of the greatest of all time. From it's inception it was designed to push the boundaries of what we expected a boot to look like and what we expected soccer boots to be able to do. The rubber fins on the top of the boots were meant to provide a player more power and swerve when striking a ball. The boots were worn by some of the greatest and most iconic players of all time and became a mainstay within the sport.

With adidas bringing back the Predator with the launch of the Predator 18+, we looked back at some of the history of the Predator and found this amazing ad for the original Predator from 1994. Not sure the exact date this was released, but it had to be ahead of the 1994 World Cup. Incredible how far boots and commercials have come in the last 23 years.